Pharma Nord is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of nutritional dietary supplements and preventive medicine. We focus on and promote the benefits of nutritional intervention, and our line of pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements has clinically documented effects from published clinical trials. Our commitment to produce and sell pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements backed by human clinical trials is essential to our growth and success. 

We are currently hiring a full-time JD Shop Operator to join our growing Chinese branch located in Beijing. Our new JD Shop Operator should have prior experience operating and managing a shop on JD, ideally within the field of dietary supplements and preventive medicine.


Job description 

As our new JD Shop Operator, you will be responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of the Pharma Nord Flagship shop on JD. 

Daily tasks will include amongst other things: 

  • Daily management of JD operation, marketing, and sales
  • Promotion of products via the JD platform and other channels such as WeChat and []
  • Handling & coordination of customer service
  • Communication & cooperation with JD regarding shop operation and logistics


You will be working in close cooperation with a team of colleagues in both Europe and our Beijing office. Therefore you must be fluent in Mandarin and have a basic level of English. Our team has a broad range of skills ranging from product experts, to graphical designers, video & 3D animation.



As our new  JD Shop Operator, we expect that you have prior experience with the operation of the JD platform including editing pages, running promotions, launching new products, building the customer base as well as managing logistics and invoicing. Experience with other relevant platforms and social media such as WeChat and [] will be a plus and if you have an interest for or have prior experience working with dietary supplements and preventive medicine you could be the perfect candidate for the job.

You must be fluent in Mandarin and have basic English skills that allow you to communicate with colleagues abroad.

We offer

An interesting and challenging position in an international company with a high-performance culture that encourages new ideas and initiatives. 


How to apply

Kindly send your application by email together with your CV
Please write the subject line: “JD Shop Operator + Name”.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Pharma Nord 是欧洲领先的膳食补充剂和药品制造商之一。 所有产品均在 丹麦Vojens 的工厂制造,其重点是优质的原材料、临床试验记录和高生物利用度。 自 1981 年成立以来,法尔诺德已成为一个强大的品牌,并以优良的品质着称。 该公司目前在 丹麦Vejle 的总部运营,拥有 25 家子公司,并畅销全球超过 45 个国家。 多年来,Pharma Nord专注于产品的品质和临床试验,从而在众多科学研究中获得了积极的测试结果。 迄今为止,已发表的 300 多项科学研究中使用了法尔诺德的产品。